How do I earn free Lives?

If you have less than 8 Lives you’ll earn one Life every 10 minutes. You’ll earn them whether you’re in the game or taking a break while you eat a healthy snack, or take a walk around the block and get some sun. But not too much sun, okay? We don’t want you to get sunburned.

What’s with all the video ads?!

We wanted a way to give users some Lives and make some money so Aaron, Dave and I can keep making more games. We also liked the idea of giving users who can’t spend $0.99 or more on Lives a way to keep playing when they want to.

How many puzzles are there?

There are 350 puzzles (but 450 in the next update coming soon!) and you don’t have to rush through them. Take your time. They’ll wait. Our favorite times playing Noodle Doodle have been when we solved the puzzles together with a friend.

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