Thursday, July 16, 2009


Pandora is cool

When I'm working I listen to music with the web site Pandora. You create a free account, pick some songs or artists that you like and it makes music channels based on those. It's a cool way to find bands that you've never heard of or forgotten about.

I kept hearing that they were going to go out of business. Because it costs them money to play all these songs for free. They pay fees to the music industry, but beyond that I'm sure the web traffic costs them a lot too. Anyway, I'm bad. I never click their ads... I'm not interested. But I like the music a lot.

I just got email from them saying I'm in the top 10% of users at Pandora. Not like the top 10% bestest customers they love, but the top 10% in usage. As in "Hey, quit using Pandora so much or else start clicking our ads, layabout!" The email explained if I listen to more than 40 hours of music in a month I'll be asked to pay $1 for that month*. Otherwise it's all good times. We'll see when I hit 40 hours... The other option is to pay $36/year for unlimited music + higher quality streams.

* Surprisingly reasonable. Plus it's not a recurring thing. It's a one-off charge each time it happens and you approve it. It seems so reasonable I wonder if they're being super cautious about scaring away users.

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