Monday, June 22, 2009


My Favorite iPhone Games

I've tried a lot of iPhone games. Here are my two favorites.

The Creeps!

There are lots of Tower Defense games for the iPhone. This is my favorite. Cartoony monsters try to wake up the sleeping kid. You have to stop them. There's no scrolling or zooming, everything is on-screen. There are multiple modes and lots of levels for each that offer a good variety of game play. The best game design element is that the player doesn't just have to stop the bad guys to do well, they also have to clear out the trees/rocks/shells/whatever from the field. So there's always a choice during the game whether you should focus on shooting the bad guys or clear out some space for money and to make room for more defense weapons. The graphics and sound could be better but they're good. It's $0.99 and you should buy it.


Peggle's a great game on desktop machines and they've ported the same game to the iPhone and did a great job. It's like super fancy pachinko. It has so many rewarding particle effects and random rewards that you'll want to keep playing and you'll be sure you're getting really good at it. I'm not convinced a player's skill at the game makes much difference... but it's still really fun. It's $5 as I write this, but it was on sale for $0.99 recently.

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