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Eric Snider's Blackjack™ for Palm OS brings casino blackjack excitement to your Palm!

Play blackjack just like in the casinos with Eric Snider's Blackjack™ for Palm OS®. The game's smooth animation, stunning graphics and easy-to-use interface make the game a joy to play.

Crisp 16-bit high resolution graphics show off your new Palm (Note: Works great on older devices too!) Eric Snider's Palm Video Poker

Includes wide and tall-screen support for your Tungsten T3, T5, Tapwave Zodiac, Sony Clie UX-50 etc

Play with the 5-way controller on your Treo - No need for a stylus!

Track your wins, losses and more with detailed statistics

Change your preferences to make the game look, feel and play the way you like

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Eric Snider's Palm Blackjack 480 x 320

Version 1.1 Changes

  • Added artwork for message bubbles!
  • Greatly increased speed of shuffle and "New Table..."
  • Fixed dealer blackjack statistic and display
  • Fixed potential graphics problem on Tungsten T and Tungsten T2
  • Fixed rare save/restore problem when hand was split
  • Fixed rare problem with save/restore when game is first unlocked on PalmOne Treo 650 or newer devices with a 5-way navigation pad
  • Corrected payoff for split hands that total 21

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