Tiny Little Crosswords™

Read the clue then drag the letters to fill the grid with your answer. Clever bite-sized crossword puzzles that you can solve anywhere. Play it today!

Tiny Little Crosswords is a crossword puzzle game where we give you all the letters to make it easier. But… we don’t label the puzzle or give you a zillion Across and Down clues to slog through because, well, that’s already been done. Drag the letters to the grid and find the words! If you love the New York Times Crossword Puzzle (or any crossword puzzles!) and want a quick puzzle fix, then TLC is the game for you! Try it for free today on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Another addictive Sniderware game

    This family is a fan of Eric Snider’s creations. The only problem is they are so addictive it is difficult to put down once begun. But this one is so amazing. Each one, I always think “this is my all-time favorite” but invariably he always comes up with a new surprise! Great work Eric! You are so creative!
    By Love Apple TV for Version 1.0.4

  • Fun game for quick fixes

    I love the concept of crossword puzzles, but not the length of time and absolute trivia required of regular ones. These are just perfect to get the brain moving a bit, but not so hard to be discouraging. We ended up doing this as a bit of a family game, and we had a blast! Thanks for the new game!
    By Lidmom for Version 1.0.4

  • Perfect for odd moments

    Love this game for the odd moments when you don’t want to be too deeply engaged. Easily enjoy solving as many or as few as you want.
    By Lzhawk for Version 1.0.3

  • Tiny crosswords

    I like tiny crosswords a lot- you need to offer more than just 6!
    By Disappointed drudge reader for Version 1.0.3

  • Very fun

    Often challenging, and full of clever “ah-ha” moments. Nice interface and great content. This is exactly what a casual game should be
    By iRazorback for Version 1.0.3

  • Very fun! Much harder than expected

    Very fun! Much harder than expected. Definitely worth it.
    By zzrayabc for Version 1.0

  • Great Fun

    It was a lot of fun for a great price. All the different themes ensure that some will be hard and some will be easy according to your trivia knowledge.
    By TennesseeMike for Version 1.0

  • Perfect time-waster

    It’s the type of game where you say ‘Okay this is the last puzzle for tonight’.
    You finish it and then immediately say, ‘Okay one more’.
    By Kiddsandwich for Version 1.0

  • D-Laz approved!

    If you like crosswords, but like me do not ever have the patience for a full-blown puzzle, this is the perfect game for you. You can solve a few quick puzzles while on the bus, on the pot, or even in your real estate studio class!
    By Donovankl for Version 1.0

  • Amazingly fun.

    Seriously tougher at times than I would have believed.
    By Mister Cranky for Version 1.0